Under the fresh vision of its new owners, Mount Shasta Brewing Company has embraced a new style, redefining its identity while preserving its beloved traditions. The brewery is now proud to be a veteran and woman-owned business, further enriching its community ties and enhancing its unique character. The new leadership brings with them a passion for innovation, introducing exciting new beer varieties and revitalizing the food menu, all while staying true to the brewery’s commitment to using local ingredients and crystal clear Mount Shasta water.

The reimagined Mount Shasta Brewing Company maintains its position as a community gathering spot and continues to enhance its reputation for offering high-quality craft beers and locally sourced food, now with an invigorating twist. Experience the exceptional taste of locally sourced food and high-quality craft beers at Mount Shasta Brewing Company today, now under new, exciting leadership.

Beyond its line of high-quality craft beers, Mount Shasta Brewing Company has also introduced a rotating selection of seasonal beers. These exclusive brews are meticulously crafted to celebrate the unique flavors and ingredients of each season, providing patrons with a continually evolving beer experience. Each visit to Mount Shasta Brewing Company offers a fresh opportunity to explore new and exciting brews, further contributing to the sense of community and innovation that defines the brewery. Come and discover the dynamic beer landscape at Mount Shasta Brewing Company, where tradition and innovation go hand in hand.

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